Graded Digital Prints

    As a professional lab, Graded is our signature C-Type print service.

    Our skilled team deliver a complete service from receiving your image to delivering a printed masterpiece.

    We can assist with resizing, cropping, colour correction and more. Feel free to send your order via CD/DVD, email, WeTransfer or Dropbox.

    Graded Digital Prints

    Perfect prints for the discerning image maker.

    graded_002To print professionally is to produce works of art. Creating something wonderful and unique requires, time, skill and dedication. 

    With decades of experience, our skilled craftsmen are here to produce the very best print from your files. 


    As part of our graded service we will help you with cropping, colour and density correction. Graded digital prints are hand assessed, individually optimised and printed onto archival Fujifilm C-Type papers.

    We accept orders on CD/DVD, via email, WeTransfer or Dropbox. If you are sending large images via a file transfer, please download, complete and email us a job sheet. Remember to use a matching reference to your file transfer so we can consolidate the order at our end.

    Helping Hands

    Know a little? Know a lot?

    It is always best to prepare your files according to your desired print size. However, graded digital prints include professional colour correction and cropping. If you are new to photography and just want the best from your images, this is an ideal way to impress with professional quality prints.


    With a clear brief to work from, graded digital prints should take no longer than 3 working days to complete. If your prints need mounting, please allow a further 5 working days.

    For more information regarding file setup and ETA, please see our Q&A section here.


    Scans Only @Per C41 Film
    6×4 inch£11.50
    7.5×5 inch£12.50
    9×6 inch £16.00
    12×8 inch£21.00
    18×12 inch £25.00





    Scan & Print @Per C41 Film
    6×4 inch£14.00
    7.5×5 inch£18.00
    9×6 inch £22.00
    12×8 inch£30.00


    For slide mounting + £4.49 per roll
    B&W + £3.50 per roll

    120/10 PACKAGE DEALS

    Scans Only @Per C41 Film
    5×4 inch£11.50
    7×5.6 inch£12.50
    10×8 inch £20.00
    14×11.2 inch£24.00


    Prints Only @Per C41 Film
    5×4 inch£12.00
    7×5.6 inch£13.50
    10×8 inch £19.00
    14×11.2 inch£22.50





    Scan & Print @Per C41 Film
    5×4 inch£17.50
    7×5.6 inch£20.00
    10×8 inch £25.00
    14×11.2 inch£28.75

    120/12 PACKAGE DEALS

    Scans Only @Per C41 Film
    5×5 inch£12.50
    8×8 inch£15.00
    10×10 inch £21.00
    12×12 inch£25.50


    Prints Only @Per C41 Film
    5×5 inch£12.00
    8×8 inch£14.50
    10×10 inch £20.00
    12×12 inch£24.00





    Scan & Print @Per 41 Film
    5×5 inch£20.00
    8×8 inch£22.50
    10×10 inch £36.00
    12×12 inch£44.00


    120/15 PACKAGE DEALS

    Scans Only @Per C41 Film
    6×4.5 inch£14.00
    8×6 inch£16.00
    12×9 inch £21.00
    16×12 inch£25.50


    Prints Only @Per C41 Film
    6×4.5 inch£14.50
    8×6 inch£17.00
    12×9 inch £20.00
    16×12 inch£25.00





    Scan & Print @Per C41 Film
    6×4.5 inch£20.00
    8×6 inch£22.50
    12×9 inch £32.00
    16×12 inch£38.00


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