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Chemical Brothers

We slosh and stir the chemistry until your film is just right!

35mm processing for negative, transparency and black & white films. Films are processed, cut, sleeved and returned to you. We take the greatest care with every film to ensure your precious images remain grime and scratch free. Chemistry is professional grade from Fujifilm, Illford, Kodak and other specialist manufacturers.

Important Information

  • Please select the ‘E6 Mounted’ service if you require transparency film mounting as slides.
  • The ‘E6 Unmounted’ service will deliver your film cut and sleeved.
  • Note that XP2 film is processed through C41 (colour) chemistry, please check your Black & White film.
  • We cannot process Kodak Kodachrome film, please do not send your film if it requires this chemistry.
  • Contact sheets are not available for E6 films.
  • Processed & uncut rolls may incur a 50p postage surcharge per roll.



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