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Silence is Golden

Showcase your pre-talkies epic in true HD.

Clickity-click. With a twist and a snap the Lomokino whirs into life, capturing your low-fi masterpiece in celluloid… oh halcyon days.

Choose process only, process & scan (to chop and create your own video) or process, scan & avi to receive a ‘ready to play’ video file. Our ‘small’ scan/avi packages are practically HD 1080p.

  • Small scans have a pixel density of 1800 pixels x RIP* pixels.
  • Large scans have a pixel density of 3600 pixels x RIP pixels.


* RIP = Rest in Proportion. This means if the width (longest side) is 1800 pixels, the height (shortest side) will match according to the ratio of the frame size you shot.


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