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Thinking laterally with a panoramic camera deserves panoramic prints.

If you’re hankering after some sprockets, get your fix here. Most labs can’t handle film outside the frame, not us…. oh no! Have it your way with a package you tailor yourself. We offer a wide range of different chemistry for our film processing, you can even cross process at no extra cost.

  • Selecting white borders only affects your prints. Scans are full frame/frame & sprocket area.
  • Scan sizes match the print size you select. For example a 6xRIP* inch package deal (small) will have 1800 pixel x RIP pixel size scans together with a 6xRIP inch set of prints.

Print & Scan Information:

  • Small prints are sized at 6xRIP inch and scans have a pixel density of 1800 pixels x RIP pixels.
  • Large prints are sized at 12×RIP inch and scans have a pixel density of 3600 pixels x RIP pixels.


* RIP = Rest in Proportion. This means if the width (longest side) is 6 inches, the height (shortest side) will match according to the ratio of the frame size you shot.

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