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Shoot with a Diana or similar Lomo camera? This is for you.

We accept C41, E6, Black & White (i.e. Lady Grey), Infra-red and Red-scale film.

  • Selecting white borders only affects your prints. Scans are full frame area.
  • These Lomography packages are limited to standard size only.
  • Cross processing is C41 film through E6 chemistry or E6 film through C41 chemistry, depending on the film you send.

Print & Scan Information:

  • Scans have a pixel density of 1800 pixels x 1200 pixels for 35mm and 1800 pixels x 1800 pixels from 120.
  • Prints are sized at 6×4 inches for 35mm and 6×6 inches for 120.
  • Please note that half frame and square frame shots from a Diana Mini will be scanned and printed as a standard 35mm film. Square shots will have black either side and half frames will feature 2 side-by-side on a single print/scan. Any black edges and or overlapping introduced by the camera will be present on both your scans and prints. We do not recommend selecting white borders when shooting mixed frame sizes on a single roll.

If you would like to select your own package sizes, please visit our 35mm and 120 service pages.


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