Graded C-Type Prints

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Graded C-Type Prints

Colour & density grading of your prints.

Graded is our standard prolab service for C-Type prints. We hand asses colour and density to optimise your files ready for our print queue. This service is ideal for professional photographers, portfolios or anyone wanting the best from their image files. Please remember to correctly choose your desired print size and let us know how you would like your image scaling. Feel free to contact us if you have any queries.

Important Information

  • It is always best to crop your images to the size you want to print before you upload them here. If you would like a 6×4 inch print, please crop your image to 6×4 inch @ 300dpi.
  • Fit in scaling means we will use your chosen print size and make sure your whole image fits within this paper. If you select 10×8 above and send us a panoramic file, you will receive a 10×8 print featuring the whole of your image, but having white borders.
  • Fill in scaling means we will zoom in to the centre of your image until the paper is completely covered, no white borders. This will likely result in cropping (loss) of some of your image which lays ‘off the page’.
  • Please choose your scaling carefully. For more information about scaling please visit this page.


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